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Name: Cathy LeFrancois

Height: 5ft 21/2in

Weight: 125-130 Contest/ 140-145 Off Season

Birth date: Feb 12, 1971

Born: Amqui, Quebec, Canada

Home: El Monte, California, USA

Education: Majored in Clothing Design, also went to cosmetology school and was a licensed hairdresser. Know all about serigraphic logo printing.

Profession: IFBB Professional Bodybuilder, Certified Personal Trainer


About Cathy

Cathy is often considered one of the most beautiful female bodybuilders that has ever graced the sport. The first thing people often notice about her are her amazing eyes, “I've been blessed, I got them from my mum”. But it's beyond her model like looks and incredible eyes that her beauty is most noticeable, possessing one of the most complete, aesthetically pleasing, and symmetrical physiques in the sport of women's bodybuilding today.


Her early life

Cathy LeFrancois was born on February 12, 1971 in Amqui, Quebec. She was adopted at the age of 4 and has two sisters, Nancy and Annie, and one brother, Joy-Yan. Ever since her early school years Cathy loved participating in sports. Being from Canada, the first sport she took to was of course, ice skater, But she then moved on to alpine skiing, tennis and badminton and the most love , Speed Skating that she compete for many years!


Cathy was asked if her parents were athletes as well; “No, not at all! My mum was a nurse and my dad was a cook at school, so both were very focused on working to build their retirement and provide for their children.”


Being a natural athlete, Cathy was always looking to push herself, to test her limits. And in doing so, she was drawn to other athletes as well. Many have asked how exactly did she get into bodybuilding, especially being from a normally conservative country and province like Quebec, Canada? “When I was 14 I noticed a classmate of mine, Steve Beaulieu, had big forearms with lots of veins!! I simply asked how he got them. He said he was training at home with some dumbbells. After noticing my interest he brought me a magazine with Cory Everson on the cover. I immediately told him I wanted to look just like her!! Later on I saw a guy with huge legs and calves by the name of Rick Voyer. So after walking behind him at lunch for 2 weeks I finally asked him how he got them. He said it was from speed skating. I wanted those calves and legs, so I started speed skating and competed for many years.”

Her friend Steve always gives her motivation. “Steve told me at my first speed skating competition to go WIN him a gold medal. I came back to school with 3 golds! I was so excited I couldn't wait to show him. While looking for him at school a friend of mine told me that Steve had been killed by a drunk driver. I would never get the chance to show him the medals I had won for him. From the moment on my entire career has been dedicated to him.. Every time I step on a contest stage I say 'STEVE THIS IS YOUR DREAM, HELP ME MAKE IT HAPPEN'”....

Cathy earned her pro card in 1995 after winning the overall title at the CBBF Canada Cup, and made her pro debut later that same year at the Jan Tana Classic. At a height of 5'2", she competed exclusively as a lightweight once weight classes were introduced into the professional shows in 2000. The highlight of her professional career was winning the lightweight class at the 2003 Ms. International.


15 Years of experience working in booths and representing various supplement companies and gym equipment companies. Great with people and a motivating smart trainer with the skills of an excellent Demo Girl for any product.

25 Years engaged with bodybuilding who has become an expert. This as lead to being an expert with the knowledge of the sport, training, diets, promotions, exibitions and competitions around the world.

"I didn't learn from a book like some personal trainers of some branch name gym lol!!" -Cathy


Favorite things in Cathy`s life

When it comes to cheat foods Cathy would say “EVERYTHING THAT HAS A CRUNCH CRUNCH!! She likes almond M&M's, kettle corn, tortilla chips and salsa, cookies (yes the crunch crunch ones LOL). She even has an entire collection of M&M paraphernalia ranging from phones to clocks to dispensers. Let's just say s he's a tad addicted..


Being on the stage

Cathy's biggest thrill in life is simply being on stage, competing, being able to display her hard earned physique. She is like an artist on the stage. When you see her wearing her FAVORITE PURPLE COLOR suit with her finger nails and toes painted to match, you would swear she was a beauty queen on the stage. She pays great attention to detail, nothing goes unchecked. Her greatest attribute is her ability to ALWAYS give it her best, always giving 100% at everything she does.


Powercat Gym

Cathy has her own private, state of the art training facility at her house, her “POWERCAT gym”. It's one of the best private training studios in the California area. She is available for personal training and caters to all athletes, from elite to beginners, she's one of the most knowledgeable and innovative trainers around. The gym is equipped with Powertec and Tuff Stuff equipment.



She is also available for posing & routine instruction as well.


Favorite music:

Variety! From Celine Dion to Body Count.. good and bad music, what ever is popular

Favorite Movies:

  1. Miss Congeniality
  2. Team America
  3. Pretty Woman

Favorite TV Shows: (Watching only on Netflix during cardio time)

  1. Smallville
  2. House
  3. Make it or Break it
  4. Dance Academy
  5. Glee
  6. One Tree Hill
  7. Gossip Girl
  8. Orange is the New Black
  9. Heartland
  10. The Secret Life of the American Teenager
  11. New Girl
  12. 90210
  13. United State of Tara
  14. Californication
  15. Revenge
  16. Army Wives



Cathy`s Mantra

“Push Harder” is Cathy's motto; it means to never let your head tell you when you’re done. Let your body be your guide. “When I train, my repetitions are always in multiples of 5. I will not allow myself fall below. If I can only push 18 reps, I force myself to “Push Harder” until I reach 20. If I feel like stopping at 12 reps, I force myself to get 15. This has ALWAYS been my training philosophy and it has ALWAYS helped me reach my goals.”



“I like to train 1 body part a day, I listen to my body and when I need to rest I take a day off. I use high reps with my leg routine such as 6 plates for 20 reps, sometimes I do 50 reps for some hamstring exercises.”



A normal day in Cathy`s life

When we asked Cathy what a typical day for her was like, she said her day consisted of 5 things:

  1. “When I open my eyes and look at the clock, if it says 5:00 am I get up.”
  2. “Take my supplements, dress warm, and do cardio. I watch netflix tv series.”
  3. “ I make breakfast and read/answer emails. After I'm done I clean and go shower.”
  4. “ I check my schedule and start training clients. I make sure to eat all my meals, go grocery, shopping, and make sure I find time during the day to train myself.. I leave open 3 hours for myself to train, pose, and tan. I do another round of cardio when I feel I need it.”
  5. “I shower, put on my night dress and come back online a little. I make my schedule for the next day. I'll make my last meal, go upstairs, spend some time with Scott and go sleep!!!


Cathy`s dream

“My long-term goal is to become an Ambassador for Women's Bodybuilding - to represent the sport in a positive way and be a role-model for not only the next generation of female bodybuilders but for all female athletes who work hard to be their very best.” When I will retired, I will help other to archive their shape dream.


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    Cathy Lefrancois' Biography


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